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Art Class

Students enrolled in Pagosa Family School Art will work toward mastering art skills while exploring their unique creativity. The curriculum encourages creative thinking and an appreciation of art history and world cultures.  The elementary class is taught by Mrs. Linda Lutomski and will have 55-minute sessions.  The middle school class is taught by Mrs. DeEtte Phillips and will have 90 minute sessions.

In this class, we will be working with drawing and painting materials and constructing three-dimensional artwork. Students will develop a new appreciation for iconic artists' styles by identifying and experimenting with similar techniques and processes. We will be using line, shape, space, value, color, texture, and form as the foundation for making and appreciating Fine Art. We will be teaching the foundational steps for art processes while encouraging creative thinking, imagination, and exploration of art as it expresses beauty and emotion in a fun, safe environment.  This class will enable the students to recognize the artists themselves.